Hall And Notes

Another Hall Of Fame class is in the can.

This vote has sparked a lot more controversy than last year’s. The debate could – and probably will – go on for quite some time. Darrell’s reactions – although quite subdued by his standards – might give some clue as to why he’ll wait another year.

There is some good input from blogger G14 (HOF-Your Thoughts?) and the commentors at racing- reference.info. I suppose every Hall has had its early growing pains. You might want to put 50 in the first class, but the exclusivity is what makes election special.

I’m just glad I don’t have to make those seemingly impossible choices.

By the way, isn’t it about time everyone came to agreement on just how many victories Bobby Allison has? Depending on the source, it’s either 85 or 84. I’ve even heard a case made for an 86th. There’s plenty of time. Baseball added an RBI to Hack Wilson’s record many decades after the fact.

On an unrelated note: I heard this week that in the kids’ toy world, dolls are outselling Hot Wheels. That’s a topic for future discussion.

One thought to “Hall And Notes”

  1. If I were…..Jeff Gordon……I’d hang up my helmet. And prepare to take over Hendrick. Sadly, Ricky can’t continue Rick’s legacy. Jeff would be a solid owner, and who else has the past and pedigree to safely steward that ship?

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