Another great race and year are in the can.

I didn’t get to see Babe Ruth play, but witnessing the 48 dynasty must be a similar experience. They’ll be well above average for the unforeseeable future, but I just can’t picture a 6th in a row. Not only are other contenders gaining on them, it doesn’t seem plausible that the 48 team can continue to muster that intangible quality necessary to dig down deeper for that little something extra. They have nothing left to prove. They’ve done it with or without Chad and with or without their regular pit crew. The only things they have to strive for are pride and the drive for 7 – or 8 –  total championships. I don’t believe that will be enough to fend off the hunger and talent of their predators.

I would not bet against the 11 next year. Mr. Hamlin has a lot in common with Dracula. To keep him from coming back from apparent defeat, you need garlic, a cross, a silver bullet and a wooden stake. Other than that, the only thing that stopped him this year was maybe the pressure – the pressure that led him to apparently drive with his eyes closed when he ran into the 16 and then blame the 16. And the pressure that also got to the crew chief. These will be teaching points they will learn from for next season.

Nascar doesn’t allow much high tech equipment in the cars, but they should look closely inside the 48 for a hidden “Go Now” button.

Speaking of Nascar, how is it they often seem to throw the yellow for small insects on the track, but it took 4 laps for them to see what the rest of the world saw – pieces of a car flying all over the track?

I’ve only felt this kind of intensity maybe 3 times in the last 18 Cup seasons. I can live with that ratio ( even if it means I’ll only see maybe 3 more at that rate). It makes them all the more special. I just hope Nascar doesn’t over-manipulate the system to try to make it routine.

It may be just me, but after watching the truck race Friday, I’ve come to the conclusion the broadcast booth should be limited to one Waltrip at a time.

If Ned were in the booth we’d know what’s up with Kevin Triplett.

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