Coke Zero Passing 400

Another couple of races are in the can.

I skipped posting last week since I had little to say. I was so whelmed by what transpired at the ” Congressional ” golf tournament on June 30 I could hardly remember the race. ( Plus my notepad was pretty sparse. ) I do recall it was a decent race. I also recall the 1st caution was due to Scott Riggs ” limping around “. However, there was no caution while the 14 was limping around. I also remember hardly hearing anything about the cars running in the second half of the field.

RE Daytona: this isn’t going to work. The adage ” Be careful what you wish for …” can be applied to Nascar‘s latest knee-jerk reaction to fans’ and scribes’ criticism. It seems Nascar decided that if we don’t like 2 and a half hour 3-wide bumper-to-bumper racing and we don’t like tandem racing, we’ll institute ” nobody pass nobody ” racing. At least that’s how it was for about 80% of the race until some heck broke out.

So, back to golf. I know the activity can be very frustrating, but it may be more aggravating to watch the telecasts. I could go on ad nauseam about that, but I’ll spare you for now. What did throw me off for a couple days was watching the event while¬† spectators were not allowed on the course due to the previous evening’s storm damage. There were no sheep chasing and forming a circle around and pointing at a 1.68 inch diameter sphere with a check mark on it. Reminds me of the movie ” The Gods Must Be Crazy “. Aha! There is a connection between the race and golf! ( Bonus points if you get it.) But the “piece de resistance” was there were no people yelling ” It’s in the hole ” when someone teed off on a par 5. Not that it’s acceptable. Ever. Anymore. Go watch the movie if you need that fix. Given the quality of golf broadcasts, I’m surprised they didn’t dub that in.

7.7.68: @ Islip, Bobby Allison got into Richard Petty’s right front as Petty was trying to put him a lap down. Bobby went on to win. After the race, Bobby was physically attacked, according to the report,¬† by Maurice Petty and Dale Inman who were fined $250 and $100 respectively.

If Ned was in the booth, we’d know what’s up with the Kroghs – Jeff and Mark.

By Gary Erdakos

Ref:, Greg Fielden’s “Forty Years of Stock Car Racing”, Richard Sowers’ “The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing”.


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